Compliments of Trader Joe’s

I *heart* Trader Joe’s!!! I have wanted to visit a Trader Joe’s ever since my college retail marketing class where we watched a video praising TJ’s for their business practices that have made them so successful. Unfortunately, there are no (I mean *zero*) TJ’s in the entire state of Texas. What is that about?!?! Texas is the 2nd biggest state in the continental United States!! What a rip-off! However, I now live in Arizona in a part of Arizona that is just about an hour from Tucson where there are *FOUR* TJ’s in the metropolitan area. Can I get a “WOOOOHOOOOO!!”? Thanks.

We took a little trip to TJ’s this weekend and bought ohhhh a LOT of stuff. We were absolutely in shock at how CHEAP that place is! We totally expected it to be at “specialty store” prices but oh were we ever wrong. The prices were awesome and the selection was amazing. As an example, we bought 6 bottles (yes, we are alcoholics) of really yummy wine for……..are you ready?………$3.50 per bottle! What?!? Who does that?!

Ok I won’t go on anymore about how amazing TJ’s is since some of you who read this may be unfortunate enough to not have any TJ’s in your state. But this meal I am (finally) featuring in this post was compliments of Trader Joe’s and it was oh so delicious.  We had TJ’s Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage (OH. MY. YUM.) with TJ’s Frozen Gnocchi with Red Sauce (Pretty yum).  We will DEFINITELY purchase more of TJ’s chicken sausages. Those things were amazing!!! Thanks TJ’s! You’re my new BFF!

TJ's Gnocchi & Sausage


2 Responses to “Compliments of Trader Joe’s”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    Hey there. Looks pretty tasty. Where in AZ are you? I’m up in the Phoenix area and I definitely love hitting up the TJ’s every now and then.

  2. aggieashley07 Says:


    I’m in Sierra Vista, AZ. My hubby is in the Army so we are stationed here until mid-April. We are living in a hotel room which explains the paper plates, terrible lighting, and lack of oven-friendly meals. 🙂


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