I’m a Proud Mama!!

Ok I’m a little bit lame to be so excited about this BUT shortly after moving into this new house I hung some flower baskets from our front porch. Well, a little bird decided to build a NEST in one of the hanging baskets. How convenient because I can take it down and check on them everyday!! She laid her tiny, adorable little eggs and I had been checking back everyday to see if they had hatched. Wellllll, yesterday I checked and low and behold – there was a newborn baby bird in the nest!!!!!!!

Baby Bird

See that little reddish pink, fury thing in there?!?! That’s a BABY BIRD!! He/she is not very attractive just yet with patchy feathers and skeleton-like body but I know he/she will be quite a looker when he/she gets a little bigger! The other 3 eggs haven’t hatched yet but I’ll be anxiously waiting for them to join the world.

Oh and don’t worry, I will be sure to post updates on my babies (whether your care or not)!

Baby bird


3 Responses to “I’m a Proud Mama!!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Very cool…cute…but, still not a grandkid…keep trying…you’ll figure it out eventually! 🙂

  2. Madeline Says:

    Absolutely precious! We had baby finches, and went from 2 to 7 very quickly!! Sorry I missed you and Alex last weekend. Finally as of yesterday, finals are over! The Jr. (now SR) in our household is so very happy. I’ve actually had the pleasure of waiting up for him tonight, and he just got home!! Now it’s bedtime! xoxo! I totally love your blog!
    Aunt Madeline

  3. Jaime Says:

    awww! i can’t wait to see your updates on your babies 🙂

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