Crash Hot Potatoes

I saw this delicious little side dish on Pioneer Woman’s blog and thought it sounded like a great way to change up the typical baked or mashed potato side dish. She says they originate in Australia, hence the odd name “Crash Hot Potatoes”. I don’t care if the name is weird or not though because these things are DELISH! They are relatively simple but oh so flavorful and crispy. These will be a repeat side dish in our house for sure! If you’d like to see how their made just go to her website (link above). There’s no real “recipe”…it’s more just a method. I pretty much followed her instructions exactly.


2 Responses to “Crash Hot Potatoes”

  1. katie102006 Says:

    Oooh! These look so good. i’ve been meaning to try this and it’s making me want to even more.

  2. Amber Says:

    I have been meaning to make these little bad boys. They look so great. It’s the crispiness that turns me onto them. Mmm crispy.

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