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Since moving to this new post, I have made friends with a great group of women who are all Army Wives like me. Our weekly tradition is to get together at someone’s house and watch the Lifetime TV show appropriately named “Army Wives”. Although, I think we can all admit that it’s really more about having time to gossip and vent about the lives we lead than it is about the TV show itself. Luckily most of us have DVR so we can stop the show when a “pause-worthy” topic comes up.

This week was my turn to host the Army Wives so I put together an easy snack food lineup.

TV Night Snack Menu

Drinks: Wine (red and white)

Snacks: Pesto Palmiers, Hot Artichoke Dip w/ crackers, and M&M and Nut MIx (peanuts, cashews, and M&M’s)

Desserts: Strawberry Tart and Brownies (provided by Angie…thanks!)


One Response to “TV Night Menu”

  1. Nikki Says:

    What a fun time! I bet the dip was really good!

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